Past Capps Interns and Affiliations – Santa Barbara

Tanya Cortez, Partners in Education
Eliza Garbutt, Domestic Violence Solutions
Doreen Govari, CAUSE (Central Coast Alliance United for a Sustainable Economy) 
Anumita Kaur, Pacific Standard Magazine
Brooke Klooster, Santa Barbara Rape Crisis Center
Aria Lucchesi, Doctors Without Walls: Santa Barbara Street Medicine
Alejandra Martinez-Ramos, Just Communities
Claire Nuttall, Pacific Pride Foundation
Anneli Olausson, Community Environmental Council
Chloe Siegel, Youth Interactive

Annick Adams, Foodbank of Santa Barbara County
Lindsay Apperson, CAUSE
Areli Balderrama, Pacific Pride Foundation
Lauren Cain, Santa Barbara Maritime Museum
Marina Dalton, Planned Parenthood
Daniel Eyal, Direct Relief International
Diana Figueroa, Isla Vista Youth Projects — THRIVE!
Jamelia Harris, Just Communities
Erica Taylor, Independent Living Resource Center

2015-2016 Highlights

Beth Abramson, CAUSE (Central Coast Alliance United for a Sustainable Economy)
Hannah Bartlebaugh, THRIVE Santa Barbara County
Melanie Broussalian, Foodbank of Santa Barbara County
Keanna Cohen, Direct Relief International
Kaitlin Cuskey, Just Communities
Heather Goold, Community Environmental Council
Abigail Mortimer, Life Chronicles
Stephanie Teuber, Teachers for the Study of Educational Institutions (TSEI)
Lauren Trujillo, Santa Barbara Trust for Historic Preservation
Julia Varboncouer, Wilderness Youth Project

Laura Barley, Wilderness Youth Project
Sarah Bourke, Community Environmental Council
Izabella Ferayan, World Business Academy
Neil Fasching, Nuclear Age Peace Foundation
Reena Fram, Green Business Santa Barbara County
Michelle King, Just Communities
Hamza Mannan, Direct Relief International
Alena Nelson, Direct Relief International
Franz Rivera, SBCC Scheinfeld Center for Entrepreneurship
Rachel Wachtel, Pacific Standard Magazine

Claire Badger, Santa Barbara Interfaith Initiative
Monica Bobadilla, Pacific Standard Magazine
Hannah Brown, Planned Parenthood
Nadim Houssain, Nuclear Age Peace Foundation
Carly Kray, Orfalea Foundation
Emily Michael, SEE International
Cezanne Rothberg, Storyteller Children’s Center
Rachel Siegel, Direct Relief International
Casey Swank, Foodbank of SB County
Rahel Zeleke, Linked Foundation

Hanna Beckman, Pacific Standard Magazine
Marlenee Blas, Future Leaders of America
Robert Bustamante, Partners in Education
Matias Eusterbrock, Casa Esperanza
Sarah Heindel, Direct Relief International
Kasey Kokenda, Storyteller Children’s Center
Sarah Sloat, LifeChronicles
Rebecca Whitley, Community Action Commission
Madeline Wirthman, Women’s Economic Ventures
Kimberly Zilles, Foodbank of Santa Barbara County

Nanor Balabanian, Life Chronicles
Kendra Burns-Edel, Direct Relief International
Angela Ebiner, Environmental Defense Center
Meredith Eckard, Planned Parenthood
Nicholas Farnum, PathPoint
Nicole Foley, Jodi House
Justin Galle, Nuclear Age Peace Foundation
Oscar Gonzalez, Partners in Education-SB County
Kathryn Porter, Isla Vista Youth Project
Kiley Widelitz, Tri-County Child Abuse Coalition

Kitzia Esteva-Martinez, PUEBLO
Nicole Fletcher, FoodBank of Santa Barbara County
Anna Giang, Channel Islands YMCA
Maggie Hott, Nuclear Age Peace Foundation
Vincent Inzano, PathPoint
Andrew Knauer, Casa Esperanza
Emily Ludden, Wilderness Youth Project
Quinn Nguyen, Just Communities
Elizabeth Watson, Legal Aid Foundation
Stephanie Welty, SEE International

Carolina Bergin-Valle, Storyteller Children’s Center
Monica Borba, Casa Esperanza
Lisa Charakul, Partners in Education
Genevieve Cook, Just Communities
Pamela Ibañez, Cure Meso Applied Research Foundation
Courtney Moore, Substance Use Prevention Education Resource
Luis Moreno, Youth Cine Media
Alyssa Hoyle, SEE International
Jessica Wiggins, SEE International
Jennifer Zapata, PUEBLO