Sacred Summits to Frontline Actions: An Evening with Pua Case and Chief Caleen Sisk

Event Date: 

Tuesday, April 20, 2021 - 6:00pm to 7:30pm

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  • Ethics in Place Symposium Series

Join us for the seventh event of Ethics in Place: A Symposium on Indigenous Peoples and the Future of Principled Democracy.

Chief Caleen Sisk is the Spiritual Leader and Tribal Chief of the Winnemem Wintu Tribe, Her ancestral territory expands along the McCloud River watershed on Mt. Shasta.She is the fifth leader in an unbroken traditional leadership since settler contact who has dedicated her life to advocating for the restoration of salmon, water and the human right to water. She has received international honors as a tireless sacred site protector, and currently leads the tribe’s resistance against the U.S. Bureau of Reclamation’s proposal to raise Shasta Dam 18-feet and inundate or damage more than 40 sacred sites. Caleen is an internationally known speaker on traditional tribal and spiritual issues, having spoken on diverse topics such as spiritual medicine ways, the spirit of water, climate change, sacred sites protection and the responsibility of tribal people to honor their tribal lifeway. Caleen is also a leading voice in raising awareness of the poor human rights conditions suffered by federally unrecognized tribes and unrepresented indigenous peoples. She is the visionary of the historical project of the Run4Salmon prayer that seeks to bring back the wild chinook salmon runs that were taken to New Zealand to restore the salmon runs in California’s largest watershed that are currently on the verge of extinction.

Kumu Pua Case, born and raised on the Island of Hawai’i surrounded by the high mountains of Mauna Kea, Mauna Loa, Hualālai and Kohala, the fresh waters of Kohākōhau and Waikoloa and the plains of Waimea.Pua’s life path and purpose has led her to become a Kumu Hula, a teacher of traditional dance and chant, and a teacher of the life ways, culture and traditions of the kanaka maoli or native peoples of Hawai’i.Pua has been a part of the Mauna Kea Movement over the past ten years and has been involved in both community and frontline actions to safeguard the mountain and unify peoples of all nations in a collective mission to network, plan, and support one another. Pua has supported many stances around the world including Standing Rock in North Dakota, Split Rock Camp in New York, Ohlone and Winnemem Wintu in California,  Oak Flat in Arizona, and has assisted organizations and individuals in areas including New York,  Louisiana and Minnesota in their efforts to protect their rivers, bayous and wetlands.


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